my bestfrienndss everr(:


i love this gurll.. shes amazzingg and funny. shell always be there for you  when you need her..shes smart and pretty.. soon ill have a pic of herr but for rightt now i dontt.luvv you gurrll.. ( this is my partner in crime)


this is also one of my bestieess.. this gurl has some talentt, she can singg veryy good.(: anytime you need some spray or food come to herr or cora lol. we all go to alder and were all friendss..cant live witout her.. she always woodles for some ask her?>?


this is almaz and i love her to death.. i couldnt live witutt thiss gurll.. im trublemaker shes dirtmouth, if were not being good then were beeing bad.. cant find us were out havingg funn in some wayy (: lol.. shes amzzinggg .

ricky & logan.

  Ilove ricky, hes my boyfrienn..  hes the collistt..hes the bestt lol i aslo cant live without himm. hes amzzingg(: and logan is dirtmouth bf. hes also the cooiest kid you everr knoee.. cant find them either there also gettingg in  to stuff lol..

theres moree i justt forgott..!

if i forgot your name tell me and ill put it on hereee..